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National Health Security Act B.E.2545 (A.D.2002)

National Health Security Act B.E. 2545 (A.D. 2002) His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej is graciously pleased to proclaim that whereas it is expedient to have the law on national health security. Given on the 11th Day of November B.E. 2545.

The National Health Security Act was enacted and published in the Government Gazette on 18th November B.E. 2545 (2002) and coming into force on the next day, 19th November B.E. 2545 (2002). The main features of Act are as shown in following table

Main features of the National Health Security Act, B.E.2545 (2002)

1. Definition of health Services

Services for disease prevention, disease diagnosis, medical treatment , health promotion, and rehabilitation, including Thai traditional and alternative medicine service

2. Right to receive health services

Every person has the right to receive that services that are of good standard and in an efficient manner as prescribed in this Act.

3. Fixed health service unit

A primary care unit located in residential or working district/subdistrict of the eligible person is the fixed health service unit, except for a good reason, accident or emergency and patient referral

4. Management of the state health insurance schemes existing before the Act comes into force

Any eligible person under any existing law will have the right to receive health services according to that law. The National Health Security Board shall be prepared and set up a mechanism for the provision of health services according to this Act.

5. National Health Security Board (NHSB)

The Board has 30 members, including the Public Health Minister as chairperson and five representatives of the civic sector as members.

6. National Health Security Office (NHSO)

A state agency and juristic person under the supervision of the Public Health Minister. The NHSB selects for appointment and dismisses the Secretary-General of NHSO

7. Funding sources of the National Health Security Fund

The funds for services provision come from the annual government budget ad other incomes. The NHSB regrets the annual budget form the cabinet as the operating cost of NHSO.

8. Preliminary monetary assistance in case a service recipient is damaged by the medical treatment provided by the service unit

Not exceeding 1% of the budget that will be paid to service units will be withheld for use as preliminary assistance money for the services recipient who is damaged by the medical treatment provided by service unit.

9. Quality and standard Control Board

The Board comprises 35 members, including the president elected from among the members and five representatives of the civic sector.

10. Health facilities and standards of medical treatment

  • Services units and their networks are to be registered.
  • Criteria are set for payments for health services

11. Standard control for health facilities

An investigation committee is established to investigate, make recommendations, and report to the quality and standard Control Board

Source : Sirivan Pitayarangsarit, Pongpisut Jongudomsuk, Thavorn Sakulpanich and colleagues. The Process for Formulating Universal Coverage of Health Care Policy and the National Health Security Act 2002.

File Name : Thailand_NHS_Act
File Type : PDF
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